Fabiano Bracht is a Science Communication Manager at REMA – Faculty of Arts, University of Porto.

He obtained a BA degree in in History in 2009 at the State University of Maringá (Brazil) and in 2013 a MA degree in History of Sciences at the same institution. In 2017, he completed a PhD in History at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto with the thesis “On the Rythm of Monsoons: Medicine, Pharmacy and Natural Philosophy in 18th Century Portuguese India”.

His research interests include the History of Medicine, Pharmacy and Natural Sciences, within the scope of the processes of construction and circulation of scientific knowledge. His publications have addressed topics such as pharmacopoeias produced in the context of the Portuguese Eastern Empire as well as the production and circulation of knowledge about medicinal drugs and the dispersion of medicinal plants through the commercial circuits of the Portuguese Empire in the Modern Era. Between 2018 and 2019, he developed a post-doctoral research at the Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Human Sciences of the University of São Paulo (FFLCH-USP) with the project “Materia Medica Sinensis: production and circulation of pharmaceutical medical knowledge in Macau in the 18th century”.

His professional experience includes more than ten years of scientific research in several institutions, namely the Faculty of Letters of the University of Porto and the Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Humanities of the University of São Paulo, working in research centers such as CITCEM – Centro de Transdisciplinary Research “Culture, Space and Memory” (FLUP), and the Jaime Cortesão Chair (USP). In addition, he worked as a schoolteacher of History and Philosophy as well as a lecturer at the University of São Paulo. The interest for the science communication subjects, led him to dedicate himself to the production of illustrative material for scientific meetings, infographics, creation of websites and texts for scientific dissemination.