REMA’s mission is to promote communication and strategic innovation in science, boosting both internal and external visibility and impact of the various areas under research at FLUP. This is carried out in articulation with FLUP Directive Board, U. Porto Shared Service Center – Local Unit,  coordinators of FLUP’S Research Units and external institutions.

REMA fosters the creation of new transdisciplinary collaboration opportunities and a valuable exchange of science knowledge, establishing synergies within the FLUP community and with other institutions. The unit is committed to enhance new channels for dialogue and to broaden FLUP research boundaries, aiming to establish new partnerships (not exclusively academic) and foster internationalisation. Thus, part of this unit role encompasses attracting resources through national and international scientific programs.

REMA encourages  innovative and digital science approaches focused on the social sciences and humanities. Moreover, it practices and promotes responsible and ethical research, engaged with local and global community.

REMA pursues cutting-edge achievements that have an impact on science, clearly aligned with FLUP’s research strategy, the Portuguese national science policy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Targets.