One of REMA´s main objectives is to increase the success rate and the diversification of applications for scientific funding through expert advice provided during the various phases of the project cycle – from conception to submission – guided by the highest standards of scientific excellence and ethics.

The work of the unit focuses principally on the formulation and strategy behind the proposed projects – including their applicability within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Targets – as well as marking applications in which the English language needs editing or revision, or if there is a need to highlight any ethical issues.

Aware that the careful structuring and justification of the main questions and objectives of a proposal are vital to its success, REMA’s aims to provide tools for preparing proposals based on conciseness, accuracy and feasibility. However, it should be noted that since the quality and clarity of the proposal are transversal to various scientific areas, REMA’s action does not presuppose an in-depth knowledge of each disciplinary and scientific area. This always remains the responsibility of the coordinators and team of each project.

It should also be mentioned that REMA’s actions observe confidentiality, in accordance with current data protection legislation, with regards to the contents of the projects. All information stored will only serve necessary purposes, which includes internal statistical science management processes.

In formulating and submitting applications for scientific funding, REMA asks for efficient and timely interaction of the applicant(s).